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Bordeaux Entre-Deux Mers

Cazade Vins

For almost 100 years, the Cazade family has been producing and ageing its wines in Sauveterre de Guyenne in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region.

Blessed with a rich terroir and renowned expertise, we offer our clients throughout Europe the opportunity to discover our well-balanced wines which are produced using traditional and authentic methods of viticulture true to the image of the Bordeaux appellation. 

Over time, we have strived to improve the quality of the wines we offer. Château Roc de Cazade, the birthplace of our wines, is now present throughout Europe and, thanks to the honesty of expression and finesse of its aromas, has succeeded in winning over a legion of loyal clients.
Following the acquisition of exceptionally well-exposed domaines on the hillsides in 2001, the company evolved with the creation of Château Hautes Terres. In order to reflect the quality of our terroir and vineyards, we began to produce a prestige cuvée wine which is aged in new oak barrels: Saint Léger.


The wines from Cazade

One philosophy, 3 different wines: Château Hautes Terres, Château Roc de Cazade and the prestigious Cuvée Saint Léger.

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Bordeaux AOP

Château Roc 
de Cazade

Our philosophy has led us to produce high quality red wines that reflect their Bordeaux terroir. They are highly accessible and very reasonably priced. 

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Reflets de france

Château Hautes Terres

Available in both red and white, these wines will seduce you with their fruity aromas, exceptional balance and smooth tannins. They offer unrivaled quality and value for money.

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Cuvée prestige

Saint Léger

Saint Léger is the ideal partner for a celebration or festive meal and makes an excellent choice for amateurs of fine wines.

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Reflets de France

10 years of commitment to producing high quality winesn engagement

2015 vintage Château Hautes Terres: Awarded a score of 8/10 by Joël Robuchon