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Authentic viticulture


What does that mean?

Producing an exceptional wine involves first and foremost working year round in the vineyards and paying the utmost attention to the vines.
We have made significant investments over the years to ensure that the grapes, which we vinify between September and October, are perfectly healthy and ripe at the time of harvesting.

We therefore do our utmost to ensure that every stage of the winemaking process enables the vine to grow in the best conditions possible.

In order to maintain the quality of our vines, we dig up the oldest parcels on a yearly basis and replant young vines which will then become the future of the domaine. We start pruning when the first frosts arrive, pay close attention to the lunar phases and cease viticultural activity during the waning moon.
When the first buds appear on the vines, we monitor the overall health of our parcels and ensure that external influences are kept to a strict minimum.

We strive to preserve our hedges and copses in order to maintain the domaine’s rich biodiversity. The environment is heavily influenced by the wild fauna at the domaine including birds, insects and small and large mammals.

A part of the domaine’s vineyards are ‘Natura 2000’ classified in order to protect 6 species including 5 rare species of bats living in a natural cavity known as ‘les grottes du Trou Noir’.